Who We Work With

We work with businesses just like yours to improve the face you present to your customers. We offer web, print, multimedia and desktop solutions that will help you reach out, connect and communicate.

We work with full service agencies on a per project basis, providing expert level skill sets as needed.

Is This You?

We have a major client who needs a presentation made to promote his company. We don't even know where to begin - which software to use or how to even tell him what would work. We need someone to come and in educate us based on experience.

We have had people come in to work with us in the past and they let us down. They promised us a working product, they convinced us of their skills and didn't come through. We need someone we can depend on to make our projects come to life. We need someone who can keep our clients happy.

We are a small local business. We don't need a lot, but we do need a web presence.

Which Clients Enjoy Success with Us?

Clients are more likely to be successful if they come to us with a plan or an idea of what they want. But if you're at square one and just know you need something, we can help you there too!

Our clients have high standards. They don't want projects that are ripped off from other sites or poorly put together. They want good design and solid programming.

Our clients understand good customer service. They know that if their clients are happy, they get more business. They build follow up work and updates into each project to go the extra mile.

Our clients don't want to be like every other company out there. They want to give their customers what they need, when they need it. Easy to use interfaces, easy to read brochures, easy to recognize and remember branding.

Now that you know who we work with, click here to learn more about how we work.



"Ann-Marie has worked with me on a wide range of projects for different clients in different businesses, large and small, particularly often for Canada 's leading financial institution. She is reliable and responsive; her work is wonderful. She is my "go to" person in her area of expertise."

Barney Colvey

Independent Management Consulting Professional

"Ann-Marie Cheung not only consistently crafts visually appealing design work for PrettyCity.com but her reliability, attention to detail and promptness is unparalleled.  FG New Media comes with our hearty recommendation!"

Carolyn Brundage
CEO, PrettyCity.com